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Prenatal/ post natal Yoga

The eternal mother, big with child is the archetypal image of fertility, abundance and productivity, and the state of pregnancy is the primary symbol of creative consciousness and optimism. Although such a commonplace, pregnancy is a total experience, a special condition, a forceful example of the intimate connection between body and mind. It is a time when it is extremely important that the various dimensions of yoga promote optimum health of body and mind, unifying a mother’s physical, emotional and spiritual growth with that of her child.


Benefits of Yogic Asana:

Stomach muscles:  Strength is the abdominal region through practice of asana will ensure that the baby is carried well, assisting proper development. During delivery these muscles are most important in pushing the child from the womb.

Spine: A strong , healthy spine through practice of asana is necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system and general flexibility. A strong spine will prevent the drooping shoulders often developed during pregnancy because of the extra weight being carried.

Back muscles: The extra weight of the child will also put a great strain on the back muscles, and added strength in this area through yoga is a great advantage.

Pelvis: A relaxed, flexible pelvic area makes for easy childbirth and yoga can surely help in this.


Benefits of Pranayama:

The various pranayama ensure efficient removal of waste products and plentiful supply of oxygen for both mother and child. Pranayama purifies and calms the nervous system to induce a feeling of pleasant wellbeing.

Benefits of Yoga Nidra & Meditation:

 It helps to minimize the emotional stress and to create a harmonious environment for the coming child. It exert a positive influence on the consciousness of the growing child.