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Sivananda Math



“Learn to give, give in plenty, give with love, give without any expectation, one does not lose anything by giving, on the other hand you get back a thousand fold.”

Swami Sivananda


Sivananda Math was founded by the great spiritual luminary Paramahansa Satyananda in 1984 at Munger, as a tribute to his Guru, Swami Sivananda Saraswati of Rishikesh. Since 1991 the focus of all activities has been in Rikhia panchayat, a remote and rural area in the state of Jharkhand.


The activities undertaken by Sivananda Math aim to uplift the impoverished in the rural and underdeveloped area of Rikhia, not by creating a culture of dependency but by fostering peace, health, plenty and prosperity and above all self-sufficiency for one and all. The activities provide and teach techniques and methods to generate means of livelihood, thus enabling the villagers to develop a self-sustained society.


The selfless service offered by Sivananda Math is an expression of the spiritual precepts and inspiration of Swami Sivananda whose central teachings of “serve, love and give”, were bestowed by Swami Satyananda as the foundation of all activities of Sivananda Math.



“The entire panchayat is myashram. Every house here is my house. Their pains and pleasures are my own. Their poverty is my poverty.”

Swami Satyananda


Swami Satyasangananda, the first Peethadhishwari, or acharya of Rikhiapeeth, ensures that all activities are a tribute to the cardinal teachings of our Param Guru Swami Sivananda.


The activities of Sivananda Math are not rendered as charity, rather as an aradhana or worship of God in human form based upon the highest Vedantic teachings of atmabhav, which teaches that you have to see yourself in everyone and you have to see everyone in yourself.